The amazing Cast of Chicago Princess Party

Wonderful actors and actersses that loves to make each moment special and magical for you and your child

  • Princess Chicago Princess Party
  • Chicago actress, singer, dancer BFA in Musical Theatre at Chicago College of Performing Arts
    Roosevelt University. Has performed over 3 years as a children’s character for parties and events. Best know for Elsa, Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel but has played Princess Leia and Mal from the Descendants.
  • Princess Chicago Princess Party
  • Chicago actress, singer, dancer and magician. She has modeled and performed on stage and film. She has been a performer for over 4 years and over 100 parties/events per year as a character entertainment actress. She has performed many characters from Elsa to Tinkerbell and Maleficent. She completed the Disney College Program in 2015. Fluent in Lithuanian
  • Prince Chicago Princess Party
  • This prince studied engineering at Northern Illinois University before changing his path to acting. His main interests lie in film and classical theatre. His favorite Disney movies are Star wars and Frozen. He has performed at over 150 parties and events from superheroes, princes, mascots and Star Wars Characters.
  • Princess Chicago Princess Party
  • Just moved to Chicago recently from Canada and finds that her ice skating skills and fluency in French and Spanish very helpful to portray characters. She has performed as Anna for an Frozen Ice Skating Party as well as Princess Elena for an event. Background in performance and stand up comedy she loves to perform for children.
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  • Princess Chicago Princess Party
  • Moved her from Toronto she is a singer, dancer, performer, actress and musician. She plays the guitar, speaks Spanish, Russian, French, German and Ukrainian. She has years of experiences as a character entertainer and magician.
  • Superhero Chicago Princess Party
  • Has performed on Stage in film in Ohio and Chicago. Love to write sketch and scripts along with photography and video editing. Has performed as Star Wars Characters to Superheroes.
  • star wars chicago princess party
  • Currently studying acting at Columbia College in Chicago. He has played leading roles on stage and a news cameraman on NBC show Chicago PD. He loves working with child as he has been a camp counselor in Vermont at Lotus Lake Camp. He loves portraying the Star Wars and Superhero characters.
  • Princess Chicago Princess Party
  • A Theater graduate from Gannon University Becca has just got back to Chicago after performing for Universal Studios in Japan. She has a beautiful voice and loves to portray Princess Tiana as well as Doc McStuffins.
  • Chicago Princess Party Princess
  • Longtime children’s character performer in the Chicago area she loves to bring the characters to life for the youngsters. She is an actress with the Chicago Kids Company as well as a recurring role for tv and has appeared in film productions. She loves Princess Belle but has also performed as the newer princess Moana.
  • Fairy Chicago Princess Party
  • She is currently studying at Studied Musical Theatre at Loyola University in Chicago. She has been a children’s performer for the last 2 1/2 years. She loves playing princesses as well as fairies such as Tinkerbell and Periwinkle
  • Superhero Chicago Princess Party
  • A graduate of Northern Illinois University in film and production he also has years of experience working with children and families. He loves to play Superheroes and Star Wars characters but has also been a big hit as Jay from the Descendants.